Congress: Stop the Sale of American Weapons of Mass Starvation

Fatima, 37, and her child sitting outside their tent exposing themselves to the sun light to try and
keep them warm. Huth camp for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). Oxfam has been working in the camp since late2015, providing humanitarian assistance to displaced people with safe drinking water and other lifesaving humanitarian aid. Credit: Mohammed Al-Mekhlafi/Oxfam
Nemah, 42 years old, has been displaced with her husband and five children to Bir Alhasee village in
Abs district because of the war. The family now lives in a small tent that they built themselves, which barely protects them from the cold and the weather. Credit: Oxfam
Murad is 22-year-old father of two. Before the war, he used to live in Saada city. He finished school early and got married and worked in a shop. He was forced to flee to Khamer city when the conflict escalated two years ago.
‘’When the war started, there was an air strike that targeted the military compound near our neighborhood. I was in the shop at the time, my wife and children were really scared! Until now, whenever they hear an aircraft, they start screaming, they think it will target them,’’ explains Murad. Credit: Moayed Al Shaibani/Oxfam



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